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A Complete Hospital Management Solution

Fully automated Paperless Solution.

Cover a wide range of Clinic administration and management processes.

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End-to-end Automation

Provides relevant information across the hospital to support effective decision making for patient care and clinic administration.

Fast Registration

Easy Patient Check-in

Patient registration and check-in process is very easy and fast. Directly read the data and patient’s image from EID. Easy to search existing patient.

Insurance Made Easy

Insurance Management

Easily manage complete cycle of the claim processing. Authorization, Insurance Submission, Remittance, Resubmission and Payment Reconciliation.

About Care4

A Complete Clinic/Hospital Management Solution

An integrated end-to-end clinic Management software that provides relevant information across the hospital/clinic that supports Appointment, Registration, Queue control, patient care, clinic administration, Lab, insurance processing, and invoicing in a seamless flow.

100% paperless system. Supporting easy cashless(Insurance covered) patient Care.


Care4 Important Modules

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Manage all your Inpatients and Outpatients. Patients are quickly accessible by typing parts of their name. Register new patient easily and quickly, It also features an excellent Integrated Mobile App.

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Tele - Consultation

Care4 facilitates the Tele - consultation for your patients. Avail medical follow ups, medicine prescription refills, health advice & more via video consultation with the doctor.

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Manage all your Inpatients and Outpatients. Patients are quickly accessible by typing parts of their name. Register new patient easily and quickly.

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Nurses Work Bench

Recording Vital signs by nursing staff. And also restricted access to Prescription, Lab results, Nursing Orders and documents.

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EMR (Electronic Medical Records)

Document all your encounters in as much detail as you want. Store vitals, lab results, prescriptions and other. All records are fully searchable.

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Invoice Management

The Invoice Management Module will allow the authorized person to create new invoice as well as keep a track of all invoices. Be it Patient Payment Invoices or Insurance invoices. Allowing Cash, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. It also supports Multi payment.

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Insurance Management

Very advanced medical insurance claim management, integrated with DHPO. Fully automated paper less solution with Seamless workflow for Claim Generation, Submission, Remittance, Re-submission, Reconciliation and Reports.

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The Laboratory module allows the lab staff to enter lab tests in the database. The completed tests will be available automatically to the medics.

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In the Pharmacy module, the pharmacists can dispense prescribed and prepaid drugs or sell unprescribed medication, subject to it's permission.

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Reports And Analytics

Take control of your business with better reporting. You have available both medical reports and financial reports that can be exported or printed.

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Managing comprehensive inventory Activities. Items details, Category, Stores, Transactions, Store Transfers, Stock Report, Suppliers etc.

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Human Resource

Take care of your HR processes. From on boarding and attendance management to time tracking and appraisals, It covers all.

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